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I grew up in Christchurch and moved to Auckland to complete a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts at the age of 18. I have always felt a calling to express and learn all things to do with the body. After graduating I founded a collaborative Contemporary Dance company Backlit Productions, alongside other graduates from my class, together we created dance work that took us around the country performing in various arts and fringe festivals. I have also worked as a Dance Teacher for a number of years, I taught the NZAMD syllabus to children and teens training to become elite professionals. After becoming a Mother and having spent a little time over seas I felt a pull to work with the body again, so I enrolled in the certificate programme at Wellpark College, a prerequisite requirement to enter the Diploma Programme.


Looking back on my journey to get here it feels inevitable that my career choices have not far frayed from my soul path. I have a passion for helping and understanding physical, mental and spiritual well-being. My extensive background in dance and choreography has been a catalyst for observing and treating my clients back to health and seeing results in pain reduction. I utilize my prior experience of complex knowledge of movement pathways and patterns to successfully and correctly help improve body mechanics. My dedication and belief to my craft, Therapeutic massage has helped my clients not only be, but feel the best version of themselves.


Despite my name (The Thoracic Therapist) I do treat most other areas of soft tissue of the body that may be hindered by various pathologies. My goal is to have you walking tall and feeling empowered, and the thoracic is a section of the spine. A thought I had was visualizing what my essence as a Therapist was, and how could I identify with that in a name? 

Phrases like “shes got a backbone” or “that person is spineless” made an imprint on me from quite a young age. So I am The Thoracic Therapist because I am passionate about treating the physical body and aiding the healing process, but I also think, when the spirit has also had healing you shall walk even taller.

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