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60 mins/ 90 mins

Marama massage is a treatment tailored to support women through that crampy, sluggish, bloated and mentally exhausting time of the month. Marama massage is used to ease cramps, physical fatigue and hormonal imbalance. I combine aromatherapy blends used in Ayurvedic traditions for generations known to support hormonal balance in the body. Lavender heat packs can be placed on the lower back or tummy to soothe aches and enhance that much desired state of relaxation and comfort.

Marama massage is focused on working areas of the body like the lower back, abdomen, neck and shoulders that may feel achey during or before menstruation.

Why dont you prioritize a selfcare routine timely to being on your Ikura (period in Maori)  and receive a nurturing and conscious massage treatment that you can commit to monthly with me. Now you can look forward to your Ikura and make it a time for self love.

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