What's in a name?

I chose the name The Thoracic Therapist on a whim. “Thoracic” refers to the thorax and is the anatomical term for the vertebrae or quite simply spine. Despite my name which has officially grown on me, I do treat most other areas of soft tissue of the body that may be hindered by various pathologies. Im a dreamer, thats what got me here. A thought that I had was visualising what my essence as a therapist was, and how could I identify with that in a name?

Phrases like “she's got a backbone” or “that person is spineless” made an imprint on me from quite a young age. In my impressionable young mind the idea of feeling accomplished, respected and successful meant to charge through life unapologetically and with presence. The thing is, despite my mention of choosing my name on a whim, I have unconsciously brought that phrase, sometimes compliment, sometimes insult into light and now it has become my brand and what I have manifested to become. I am The Thoracic Therapist. I believe that our thought processes are seeds of possibilities planted to become our destiny.

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Located in the Te Atatu Peninsula,
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